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#AIR22 Scavenger Hunt

Win a full team of Axies! 

This scavenger hunt ends in 2 weeks.

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Finalists will be announced on this web page

Wednesday, September 1,
8 pm PST (GMT-8). 


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The AIR Twitter account (@AxieRetreat) will be dropping clues in our tweets.  What might seem like irrelevant information could be a piece of the puzzle (or it could just be irrelevant information)!  Pay close attention.

There will be 3 quests that must be complete.  You'll never know when they're coming or what they might be!  The fastest you'd have to complete any of the quests is within 72 hours of it being posted.  So keep an eye out!  We won't be posting qualifying lists after each quest.  Only before the final riddle, when we'll filter qualifying participants all at once.  So, make sure you follow the rules

Over the next 2 weeks:

Who will win the full team of Axies?

》》The finalists will be the participants who have completed all 3 quests successfully and are following @AxieRetreat, @AIR_esports_, @WinnersGuild, @Ukrainedope, & @amypeniston on Twitter. 


》》The finalists will be eligible to compete in the race to solve the final riddle, the clues to which will be hidden in the posts from the AIR Twitter account over the next 2 weeks. 

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》》These 85 Twitter accounts successfully completed all 3 quests and are now eligible to compete/race to SOLVE THE FINAL RIDDLE which will be posted from the @AxieRetreat account on Twitter at exactly
5pm PST = 11 pm UTC tomorrow (Sept 4, 2022).  

The first correct answer (from our finalists) in the post comments wins the full team of Axies !!

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This grand prize of a full team was made possible by donations from
@WinnersGuild (Bread Winners Guild), @Ukrainedope (Axie Infinity Heroes), & @amypeniston (ChillAxie)

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