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Becoming a Featured
AIR Content Creator

AIR is a community-driven project that is looking to partner up with creative Trainers across Lunacia to produce content that aims to lift up and boost both parties. What does it mean to be a Content Creator for AIR22? For artists, it means creating AIR exclusive artwork that can be used for marketing (digital NFTs, posters, t-shirts, stickers, and other merchandise).   For streamers, it means adding the AIR logo to the stream overlay and mentioning AIR while live streaming, or creating promotional video content (fun ads, informational ads, interviews, etc). 

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Featured Display

We will create a profile / display on our Featured Creators page that includes your social links, storefront or stream links, profile image, and a short bio. We will highlight this profile in our monthly newsletter as well.

Creative Network

Receive infinite access to our private content creator discord channels with unique content creator roles. You’ll instantly be connected with a network of content creators in the Axie and NFT community, as well as our AIR marketing team. Use this network for advice, guidance, and to make new friends.

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Expect engagements on social media from the official AIR accounts, as well as the marketing team. We will help produce promotional content such as written/audio/visual interviews and promotional ads that can be displayed during online and live events.

Profit Sharing (NFTs and Merch)

AIR is in fundraising mode to secure as much funding for this first event year as we can, so we can provide the best experience for our community; however, we understand how much effort and time goes into creating content. When content is sold, we will only take a maximum of 40 percent.

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Art Supply

Being a Featured AIR22 Content Creator means that you will be highlighted through our website, social media, and discord as a Featured Creator. We offer promotional audio/video/written interviews and ad-time during our online and live events for the 2021-2022 year. You receive first “dibs” on dedicated space and AIR-time at the LIVE event in Las Vegas. At the end of your feature time, you will receive a token drop for your contributions. We value your participation as a content creator, so let us know what else we can do for you!