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Area Guide

The Luxor Hotel & Casino is located on the southern end of the Las Vegas "Strip", off South Las Vegas Boulevard, bordered by the McCarran International Airport, Mandalay Bay, and Allegiant Stadium. The surrounding area contains countless restaurants, some supermarkets, drug stores, several parking options, among other unique features.


If you need further care, there is a hospital very close to the venue (Elite Medical Center). If you walk north on Las Vegas Boulevard, you will reach a CVS.

Las Vegas, NV

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Las Vegas is a big city that never sleeps. If you are interested in checking out the city while you're in town for AIR, be sure to check out __________________....

You can find the most exciting things to do along the iconic 4.2-mile Las Vegas Boulevard (aka the "Strip").

Thinking of walking the Strip?

Keep in mind, walking the 4.2-mile Strip is about 2 hours of straight walking! Here are some common sights within walking distance of the Luxor:

Many intersections on the Strip must be crossed by pedestrian overpass bridges, so you'll never have to wait for a light. If you find yourself needing to cross a busy street, please be careful walking and only walk in marked crosswalks with lights. It is very easy to get distracted by the sights and bright lights of Las Vegas, so be aware of your surroundings to ensure that you are able to enjoy this wonderful city and come back for another visit.

All this sightseeing also means a ton of walking, so don't forget to pack your comfy shoes! Keep in mind that casinos are massive. Something that is right next door may be much farther than you anticipate. The walk from your room to the casino floor may already be a trek in itself.

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AIR Alaska Website Graphics.png

Moose Lodge

20 Moose Lodge Tickets Availble
for $1,775 / each* 


* Each ticket is for TWO people!
If guests wish to purchase this ticket for a single individual, the cost is $1450


If guests wish to add a 3rd or 4th person to their Moose Lodge tickets, the extra cost is $600 each.

If the above 20 rooms sell out in time for us to reserve additional space, we will update this page to reflect availability.

In addition to rooms in the lodge (which have flush toilets), there are also six "dry" cabins that have no bathroom or running water, but do have a bit more privacy on the property, along with private outhouses near the cabins.

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Private Cabins

1 "King Salmon" Cabin Ticket

6 people for $4,250

1 "Caribou" Cabin Ticket

 4 people for $3,250

1 "Forget-Me-Not" Cabin Ticket

4 people for $3,250

1 "Gold" Cabin Ticket

3 people for $2,975

1 "Dog Musher" Cabin Ticket

2 people for $2,475

1 "Jade" Cabin Ticket

2 people for $2,275

*All tickets come with the same perks listed above

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There is decent cell service available in this region, but Verizon can be spotty. There is free wi-fi on-site, but it is limited mostly to the main lodge, activity center, and Moose Lodge.

Three meals a day are available for purchase & there is a café in the activity center that serves coffee, ice cream, salads, soups, and sandwiches. 

Massage therapy is available.  Also on site: the world's largest ice museum, ice fishing, and a dog kennel tour to learn all about mushing!

The sun will not rise while you're in Alaska in February and it will be freezing cold outside!

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AIR22 Mystic Totem
Holders & Sky Mavis 

AIR22 Luna & Rare Totem Holders  & AIR22 Sponsors

General Axie-lovng Community

Mystic Axie Holders
& AIR22 General Ticket Holders


Opens Dec. 14th

Opens Jan. 1st

Opens Dec. 1st

Invitation Rounds

If the invitation period is open to you, promptly contact theKuntaMC and/or LadyRanvore for ticketing inquiries.

Direct payments can be made via Credit Card / ACH or Cryptocurrency.* After payment you'll be to claim your AIR Alaska Ticket NFT from on the Polygon Network.

All tickets include admission for more than a single person. Tickets must be purchased by an individual who falls into the category of open invitation at that time. However, their ticket guests may include individuals who do not fit into that category. For example, a Mystic Totem Holder may purchase a ticket before December 1 and bring any guest they wish.

* Cryptocurreny purchases are subject to a 1.5% transaction fee to cover cash-out expenses. Payments can be made in USDC, ETH, or AXS.

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