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AIR is a live annually-recurring, community-curated, Axie Infinity-inspired event, produced by Nonfungbile Events, that is highly-accessible throughout the metaverse for anyone with an internet connection.

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Beyond live events, it is the mission of AIR to create opportunities for as many new players as possible through supporting generous scholarship programs, hosting giveaways, and building community through unique partnerships as well as online quests, contests, and competitions.

Our vision is to create an immersive IRL experience that brings the humanity out from behind our screen names and avatars, giving Lunacians a chance to develop stronger friendships, because we believe genuine relationships are at the heart of all great successes.

The values of AIR align with the same principles underpinning the community ownership ethics of play-to-earn gaming. We value inclusiveness, equity, empathy, cooperation, creativity, and FUN. On our collective path towards economic independence through gaming, we strive to break down barriers, forge alliances, and build brighter futures for every contributor to our community.

DAWN Banners (7).png
Secure Sponsors & Speakers Phase 1 Ticket Drop $NONFUN Token Launch & Airdrop Mystic Totem

Phase 2 Ticket Drop

Event Program Release

Championship Qualifiers

Florina, Axie #

Phase 1 Ticket Drop
Secure Sponsors

Program Development
$NONFUN Token Launch & Airdrop

Mystic Excursion Voting


Phase 3 Ticket Drop

$NONFUN Pre-event Airdrop


The Road Ahead

Live at AIR 

Day 1, Friday, kicks off with a meet and greet.

Saturday is full of community activities, from live streaming, music, and art to battle hubs with streaming capabilities, chill 'n' charge zones, panels and workshops.

Sunday, we bring the esports! The first half of the day will be the World Championship, followed by an open LAN tournament.

So, get your war paint ready.

Nonfungible Events is bridging reality and the metaverse through community building and NFT gaming.

We're dedicated to creating unforgettable immersive experiences that strengthen nonfungible friendships.

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